Fly High, Scandinavia’s longest zipline Course

Fly through the treetops in Ledreborg’s spectacular Baroque Park. It is a physical activity that is challenging for both children and adults. Enjoy the thrill of experiencing the forest from a totally different viewpoint, and feel the excitement. Just 10 min. drive from the royal cathedral town of Roskilde.

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There are three courses:

The Big B (max height approx. 40 m) consists of two long ziplines over Ledreborg Palace Gardens, an amazing experience. Age requirements: From 14 years.

Little John (max height approx. 15 m) consists of 12 zipwires and four walkways that take visitors through the forest treetops. Age requirements: From 10 years.

Tuff Tom (max height approx 2, 5 m) is the lowest course and is for 4-10 year olds. There are ziplines and other fun challenges for those who would like to have ground a little closer. The principle is still the same, and all must use helmets and harnesses. Age requirements: From 4 years.

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Ledreborg Park is also worth a visit for those who just want to go for a walk. You can also combine the trip with a visit to “Sagnlandet” The Land of Legends, where 10,000 years of Denmark’s history is brought to life. It is an exciting and evocative destination for the whole family.

The Pheasant restaurant is located very nearby at Ledreborg Palace Golf Club. It is open from pm. 12 pm to 9.00 pm from 1st April to mid-October.

Fly High Opening Hours and Prices:

We are open saturday from 10 am till 2.00pm – only prebooking


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