Møde, konference, Ledreborg SlotMeeting and Conference

Ledreborg Palace situated in a landscape of oustanding natural beauty, provides a spectacular setting for meetings, conferences, parties, product presentations and other special occasions.

There are a wide range of rooms and facilities available for events of all kinds. Just 30 minutes drive from Copenhagen and with close motorway access, and you do not have to pay parking fees.

The family hall, the great barn, the park etc. gives versatile options to hold an event of any kind.

In connection with the events is it posible to order a guided tour at the castle, it will be hosted by one of our competent guides, who will tell the history of Ledreborg, both the past and the present.

If you would like to add a little extra luxury to your tour, there is the possibility to finish off the tour with a a glass of champagne in the Family Hall.

For further information, please contact Birgitte Hald Hvidberg (bhh@ledreborgslot.dk)