Built in 1740-1745 by Count Johan Ludwig Holstein, the head of the Danish chancellery during the reign of Christian VI, Ledreborg Palace has been in the hands of the Holstein-Ledreborg family for the past 250 years and remains the family home today.

Today Ledreborg Palace is one of Denmark’s finest examples of 18th century architecture and landscaping, its main building comprising of a unique collection of original furniture and paintings.

The present owner, Silvia Munro, pictured here with her Scots husband John, is the fourth of Count Knud Holstein-Ledreborg’s seven daughters and the eighth generation at Ledreborg.

The family resides on the ground floor of the palace, while the first floor, with its virtually unchanged 250-year-old original interior is open to the public during the summer months and for special occasions.

The family’s two dogs: Cheetah, a golden retriever, and Mouse, a Scottish deerhound.